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Powder coating Avaps


We paint everything metal

We provide powder coating of all metal objects - steel, aluminium and zinc sheets. Original powder paints from leading European manufacturers in all designs and shades according to the RAL swatch. 

550 x 1300 x 6000 mm
max. dimensions of segment
200 kg
max. weight of segment

Quality powder paints​

We use original powder paints from leading European manufacturers in all designs and shades according to the RAL swatch, we paint colours for both outdoor and indoor use, in smooth, fine and rough structures, in all finishes in matt, semi-matt, semi-gloss and glossy, including transparent .

Resulting paint quality

We place great emphasis on surface pre-treatment before powder coating, this is carried out by chemical spraying, which guarantees the surface treatment's long service life.

Powder coating technology

We apply powder paints by electrostatic charging from WAGNER.

Procedure for applying powder paints

  • Degreasing with an industrial degreaser
  • Passivation of a metal object's surface by means of iron phosphating
  • Drying in a drying oven
  • Powder paints application in the application booth
  • Firing of powder paint in a kiln at temperatures of 160 °C – 220 °C
  • Hanging painted objects and subsequent packaging to ensure protection of the paint from damage 





Powder coating process

Degreasing with industrial degreaser
Passivation of the metal object's surface by means of ferrous phosphating
Drying in the drying oven
Application of powder paints in the application cabin
Burning of the powder in the oven at 160 - 220 °C
Putting lacquered articles and subsequent packaging to protect the paint from damage

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